Xenota (2)
"This has got to stop!"-Xenota, about to destroy a mech

Created by/in

2011, Shacho




Psychic Xenogaro



Appears in(series)

Mascot Wars-Return of the Shadows

Mascotia Genesis

Xenota is a mascot of shacho's and is a psychic Defective Xenogaro. He may be a boss in Mascot Wars-Return of the Shadows. He is also the main protagonist of Mascotia genesis.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

  • Ijax(best friends)
  • Kishiru(friends)
  • Ploxl(friend)
  • Veran(with time travel, friend)
  • Zio(with time travel, friend)
  • Mirror Xenota(enemy)
  • Future Xenota(friend, with time travel)
  • Orato(friend)


Atonex (1)


Atonex is Xenota's spirit, and was in Xenota ever since birth. His powers gained Xenota his wings, and explains how Xenota gains extreme powers. Atonex can be thanked for that. He has a crush on Doana, the spirit that lives inside of Xaroaie. Atonex sometimes leaves Xenota's body to go see Doana. For truth, his name is Xenota's name backwards.

Darkclaw XenotaEdit

Darkclaw Xenota

Darkclaw Xenota

Xenota's Darkclaw form is a form that Xenota enters when Xenota sees a baby being hurt. This form could be mistakened for a Voider Xenota form, which it's not. In this form, Xenota becomes creepy and a tiny bit evil and insane. He'll do anything in this form to help a baby, and might horribly and messily kill the person hurting the baby. After stopping the person from hurting the baby, Xenota will go unconsious for two hours.


In the future, Xenota returns to Desnorca but accidentally blew up half of Desnorca. The Xenogaro's sentenced him to be killed, but he escaped and ran away. His current status is unknown.

Mirror WorldEdit

In the Mirror World, Xenota is fully grown, and he had his head cut off by a mysterious dark figure. He then was revived by the same person, with a robotic body, energy pack, an injured eye and was a head in a jar. The person turned out to be Tadpole(from the non Mirror Mascotia). He traveled here to find some minions to kill Spot. Mirror Xenota joined him(since he was now evil) and tried to kill Spot. Spot then used one of Tadpoles inventions to shoot Mirror Xenota across Mascotia. He then met Xenota, Kishiru and Ijax and tried to absorbed Xenota's powers but Xenota battled him and teleported him back to the Mirror World. He is now current enemies with Spot, Xenota and Ijax. He currently likes Kishiru, while she doesn't.


  • Xenota is currently Shacho's only Defective Xenogaro mascot.
  • Xenota was originally a gift-scot, with a different backstory.
  • Xenota's original backstory(read above) was that experiments done him made his blood turn blue. HIs backstory now is that he was a Psychic Xenogaro from birth.

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