Vexyn (1)

Creature Form

Vexyn is a female Geonome on Mascotia. She is currently Shacho's major female mascot.


Nothing is known about her life before she arrived on Mascotia. When she lived on Mascotia before IB's death, she had a crush on IB and lived in his house. shortly before IB's death, she broke up with him. After IB's death, She gained a crush on Spiko, as so did Spiko. She was kidnapped by Sub-Zero and stabbed, as witnessed by Teki during Operation: Base Raid. She later gave birth to Spiko's kids, Vezike and Vexo. She has recently been having strange pains, which got Spiko worried. IB x-rayed her, and say the results. "It was nothing." he said. Vexyn never say x-rays, since they were shredded. She later died giving birth to IB's son IBI.


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