Vespin VIII is the home planet of the Vespinites. It is a desolate planet, after it was hit by a meteor only a few
Vespin VIII

Vespin VIII's appearance after The Extinction.

thousand years ago.

Climate and GeographyEdit

Vespin VIII lacks any water, and instead has occasional pools of ammonia. Animals and plants native here have evolved to use this as a solvent instead of water. While originally huge ammonia oceans covered Vespin VIII, they dried up when the meteor hit, and now in their place are scattered lakes and rivers in lowland areas, and hot springs in highland areas. Because of the general lack of water on the surface, most life has retreated to the huge underground aquafers only a few meters below the planet.

Vespin VIII's landscape consists of huge mountains sometimes up to 12,000 meters in height, and deep valleys in between these mountains. This dramatic geography is causes by the fact that Vespin VIII has more continental plates than most planets.

Mascots native to Vespin VIIIEdit

Anna: She was born on Vespin VIII and kept as a pet by the Emperor until his death. She then moved to Mascotia, and hasn't returned since

Veneragh: Lived on Vespin VIII for most of his life.

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