Verex made in microsoft paint. (Took a looooooooaaaaaaawng time to make.)

Verex is one of dinorauria's main characters. Verex is a Tyrannosaurus and is the king of a part of the Hoatzin Cliffs called Cycad Country.

Verex seems to belive he's not a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He has a mysteriously strong willpower.

Tale of the TitanEdit

There are many rumors about Verex's appearance in Mascotia. Some say he wandered into a portal as a youngster and was adopted by a family of Tyrannosaurs. The fact he was adopted by T-Rexes is true, but the part about him wandering through is not.

Another theory was that he was actually born in Mascotia by a parenting family of V-Rexes. But his egg was stolen by another animal that was killed by a Tyrannosaur, the T-rex thought the egg was part of her family and took it home where it hatched. But the real story is clouded in mystery.

Eventually, Verex discovered Cycad country, a land that looked the same as his home did. Eventually he claimed it as his territory. Over the years others came along. The rest you should figure out yourself...


  • Samual- A friend of Verex who lives in his turf.
  • Bruce- Who appeared and battled Verex once, but they are now friends.

    A SPORE photo of the duel between Verex and Bruce.

  • Geckofrog(s)- Who were all but gone when Verex reached adulthood.
  • Spot- who actually beleives verex is some kind of kaiju.
  • Bigbear- Had a bad run in with him once, now has Verex on his "watch list"
  • Ploxl- Who actually has ventured down to the bottom of the canyon and saw verex.
  • And many more...


  • Verex was at one point in his design was a T-Rex himself. Then he was made into another creature, then a tyrannosaurus once more.
  • Verex and Bruce are both from Skull Island. Though Bruce is a Jurassic sauropod. But the idea still sticks.
  • Verex has a roomate who is a Utahraptor.
  • Previous designs for his home even included Cretaceous Canyon itself. An early design for him was called Dinorauria. This was a bit of a fourth-wall breaker, due to him being the actual creator.
  • Verex is known to have once eaten a randomocity fruit, but nobody knows what happened.