Everytime I try to do ANYTHING, I end up starting something. I'm not sure if this happens because you all harbour a hatred for me, or if it's because I seriously am just a bad person with no right to live.

Either way, I'm sick of feeling bad about myself. I love all of you dearly(even if the feeling isn't mutual) and although I hate to say it, I'm leaving. More like than not for good this time. Two reasons, mainly. I hate hurting you guys. Everything I do ends up making someone feel bad or hurts someone, even if it's not ill-meant. I dunno if I'm a monster or what, but I don't want to see you guys in anguish or pain or anything. Reason number two, I'm sick of feeling terrible about myself. Everytime I do something on accident, I hate myself. I literally want to die, and have tried before. I don't want that anymore. Recently, a friend showed me that I'm worth something. I'm not just worthless trash, or a monster. That can't be all that I am.

Rewrite my contributions or not, do whatever you like. Just know that you can count me out of anything and everything.

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