unbelivable strength, unimaginable destruction follows it, it lays in sleep...For now.

Warning, the data you're about to access is restricted

You have been warned.


The scientists at minn tech have used a sea turtle for experimentation. It was diagnosed with highly unstable amounts of gamma radiation by the lead scientist (who may possibly be insane.) It was then that we created torta-

Transmission ended.



  • Tortanosaur was originally called flippzilla, but dinorauria dropped the name because it was idiotic.
  • Dinorauria’s first kaiju mascot, Tortanosaur, is the mascot equivalent of titanosaur.
  • Some say tortanosaur sleeps in benthia and is the sea deamon. But that’s just nonsense.
  • Tortanosaur once appeared in dinorauria's first catzilla adveture. The catzilla by cdrg1?
  • Tortanosaur is the third epic mascot. The other two being Catzilla, and Ghast.

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