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&nbsp Tiffiny, also called Tif is 99azriel's main mascot. She doesn't really have any backstory, and is one of the less popular mascots.


Tiffiny is a Pikachu with two pink flowers in her hair, a pink scarf around her neck, and has blue eyes.


Tiffiny is mainly kind, but when angered she can produce thousands of volts from her electric Thunder Bolt.


Tiffiny has many freinds, and she makes even more in Tif's Adventure, a currantly unfinished story taking place in the SSBB world. Her main freinds are: Heather, a Torchic, Flo, a Flaaffy, Mary, a Skitty, and Erica, an Eevee.

Apperances on Spore

Tiffiny was created on Spore in January 2010. Shes had a couple of apperances since then, including Tif's Adventure. There is also a stomach cherning apperance made by user Vaporeon32, where her mascot "supposedly" killed her.

To all users

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