Operation-Base Raid P1

Spiko, leader the Rebels.

The Rebels are an organization formed by Spiko. Currently there are five known members.


Their motive is to destroy all evil, but their MAIN motive is to rid the world of Sub-Zero, and free the world from his grasps. They know that many have tried to defeat Sub-Zero, and have never triumphed. They plan on doing so, and plan to gain more and more members, and triumph.


  • Spiko- Current leade of the Rebels.
  • General Tiron- Current general of the Rebels.
  • Captain Jetser- The leader of a Rebel ship fleet. Not much is known about him.
  • Admiral Cark- An admiral of a fleet who was called in during the classified parts of Operation: Base Raid. Not much is known about him.
  • IB- After being revived by Teki, he joined the Rebels and is their head scientist.
  • Teki- A PSI Alien who is working with IB on a top secret project called Project: Clone.

Missions, Operations, and ProjectsEdit

  • Operation: Base Raid- An operation to raid Spikoria's capital, and defeat Sub-Zero. See page for more info.
  • Project: Clone- A top secret project worked on by IB. Nothing else is known about it.
  • Mission: Fleet Battle- A mission led by General Tiron(when he was known as Captain Tiron), in which Tiron's fleet of ships engaged battle with a fleet of ships led by Sub-Zero. General Tiron lost his eye in a battle with Sub-Zero during the mission.

Rebel RankingsEdit

  • Trooper- The starter ranking for Rebels after their training.
Rebel Trooper

Rebel Trooper

  • Bronze Trooper- The second ranking a Rebel can get. This is gained after being promoted.
  • Silver Trooper- The third ranking a Rebel can get. This gained by being promoted.
  • Commando- An optional third ranking a Rebel can get by being promoted. If you choose to become one, you won't be able to be promoted and get the Commander ranking.
    Rebel Commando

    A Rebel Commando.

  • Gold trooper- The highest ranking a Rebel can get before gaining the Commander ranking.
    Rebel Trooper(Gold)

    A Gold Rebel Trooper.

  • Commander- A high Rebel ranking, which allows you to command a small fleet.
  • Captain- This ranking allows you to be the captain of a large fleet of ships. Known Rebels with this ranking are Captain Jetser.
  • Admiral- A optional ranking you can gain instead of the Captain Rank. Unlike the Captain rank, you aren't able to battle. Known Rebels with this ranking are Admiral Cark and Admiral Centigon.
  • General- One of the highest rankings available. With this ranking, you get a lightsaber thing. Known Rebels with this ranking are General Tiron.
  • Leader- If you gain this rank, you control the Rebels. Known Rebels with this ranking are Spiko.

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