(Forgot the t.) A drawing of tether.

Tether is one of dinorauria's main submascots. Tether is a leatherback sea turtle whom has a tast for jellyfish like all sea turtles

Though most people think they know his story, nobody really does. So here it is!

Tethers taleEdit

When tether hatched he made his way to the ocean but unfortunatly was sucked into a wormhole that took him to an island in the pelagia reigon. There he found himself in an eco-terrorist act by the PFCR to wipe out every animal in the reigon but copepods (why would ya do that?).

If tether didn't make it to the ocean, he would have been slaughtered out of big-fat-dumb-idioticy. He has migrated across the reigon but hasn't been sighted in one area for more than a day. His whereabouts are that he's either dead, or stuffing his face with jellyfish.


  • Spedge- just to eat
  • Jellpo- 4 food
  • Flipps- tether only admits to being his cousin
  • Hugh mungus- hugh and tether have meet a few times in the past
  • Dibble- tether owes dibble a few bucks
  • Auky- for a shell cleaner only.


  • Tether was made to be a parallel ego to flipps. Very strict and unsocial.
  • Tether dinorauria's only mascot that would eat jellyfish. Soon dinorauria learned that all sea turtles eat jellyfish. So flipps was also given that, tether was just the first.
  • Flipps and tether both have a similar family tree that connects the two together.