Art by Nolan Parks


34 (Lungfish Years)




East African Lungfish (Protopterus amphibius)

Height & Weight

2'3, 14 lbs

First Appearance

2008 (Although created in 2007)


Bigbear, Stauroteuthis, Frog, Larry, Gomez, Barry, Kaptain K, Brichasouras, Gnome, Ploxl, Jellpo, Ceaphus, Dunkey, Freckles, Fuze, Narven, Fizzy, Naudi


Tadpole, Kaxl, 7423, Carl, Viper, Pierre Akuu, Braggo (Rival)


Spond - Spot's Pond


Hunting minnows, Watching television, Hanging with friends

Famous Quote

"It's second nature to one as awesomely humble and dashingly handsome as me."

Spot is the original mascot, created by Nolan Parks, aka Pettamapossum.


Species - East African Lungfish.

Gender - Male.

Home - Spot's Pond, Spond Region

A self-important lungfish. He spends most of his time watching his TV and eating Rosy Minnows while feeling unappreciated.


Despite being arrogant, idiotic, absurd, self-absorbed, and having a humongous fathead ego, Spot has many friends. He can be grumpy, and even lash out verbally at his friends, but he actually cares about them very much. His eccentricities include an obsession for eating Rosy Minnows, whining about dwindling coffee supplies, hiring a Drunk Lobster as an attorney, and going on ridiculous misadventures.

Despite all this, he doesn't always get away with things. He gets hurt, smacked around, burnt, bashed, shocked, and humiliated far more than most Mascotians. It doesn't take much to outsmart him, and his ego can be easily stroked. Despite the show he puts up, he's in it for his friends, although he won't admit.

It is thought his behavioral disorders stem from a deep fear of rejection.


Name: Spot.
Name Origin: Named after a real life Lungfish, jokingly given a dog's name.
Species: East African Lungfish.
Height: 2' 3
Elements: Earth, Water, Wind
Biography: Will be revealed as SpotQuest Re:Gummed plays out.



"Friendly Rivalry"

Ball n' Chain... Girlfriend?

Spot being forced to carry Luscivia. (Art by PitchBlackPheonix)



Finds Extremely Annoying

Sees As Potential Rivals

Mortal Enemies

Absolutely Terrified Of


  • Spot was the first mascot ever made. Good for him.
  • Spot is a great singer, but he only knows the lyrics to 'Weird Al Yankovich' songs. He never sings around anyone, keeping his talent a secret.
  • People keep mistaking Spot for a worm. Spot finds this extremely offensive, and will start to yell until his voice gets squeaky if he is called one.
  • Spot's reaction to the Randomocity Fruit leaves him acting patriotic and gives him an urge to fight crime in spandex.
  • Spot may be all puffed up and uppity at times, but he tends to be a large source of comic relief. He takes a lot of hits, and gets bossed around mercilessly by Luscivia.
  • There is a superhero that lives in Spot's Pond known as... the Spotman. Spot claims there is no relation.
  • The real-life lungfish Spot was based after has, sadly, passed away. However, Spot in real-life lived a good, long life.
  • Spot has an enormous trophy room full of many things his kind friends have given to him. Two of his favorites are T.M.O.A.T.G. (The Mace Of A Thousand Gummings) - given to him by a monster hunter, and his Ubermech - given to him by a fellow by the name of Puglin. How did such an arrogant blowhard get all of these great gifts?!
  • Spot stars as the main character in an adventure series called SpotQuest, which is a giant quest to every corner of Mascotia, with an enormous number of mascots planned to appear in it. Not much of it has been created though.
  • Spot appears in Nolan Parks' comic strip 'Possum Tails', alongside Stauroteuthis. (Who is actually referred to as Sir Tensis.)

Spot, Copyright Nolan Parks