Seeil is cute, isn't he?

A mascot of Shacho, Seeil is a one month old Seal, who nearly everyone calls adorable. He likes to get help in the air, and uses a bunch of "Cute Talk" to get people to do something for him. He has a rivalry with Chisana, who is just as cute.


  • Tadpole (Does experiments on Seeil)
  • IB (Does experiments on Seeil)
  • Zennra
  • Cherrio
  • Sub-Zero (Gets driven crazy by Seeil)
  • Velocy (Calls Seeil "snack"(translation from Velociraptor language))
  • Dunkey (Calls Seeil "snack"(translation from Dunkleosteus language))
  • Everyone
  • YOU!!!!!!!!

Well, you probably get it. He LOVES everyone. Sorta.


  • Anger (Called "Meeny" by Seeil)
  • Chisana (Seeil's rival)
  • Grox (Seeil cries when near one)
  • Everyone Seeil calls SCAWY (Translation-scary)

Well, you get it now. He just wants hugs.


  • Like the young baby Dwarf Xenogaro Iris, Seeil also says "Up! Up!". When he gets picked up, he goes "WEE!" You should then move him in different directions, which makes him happy. Like Seeil, when Iris says 'Up! Up!" she wants to be held to. Except that she wants a ride instead.
  • Seeil has a rivalry with Chisana since they are both just as cute. For truth, Seeil was actually inspired by Chisana.
  • Because Seeil likes attention, Mascot Community member Manix25 believes Seeil is a spoiled baby because he loves attention.

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