'Red Shift' is the Shade antagonist of the currently untitled Maskotia game that takes place on the Wispellian planet, Soluna. Red Shift is the second strongest Shade villian, and will also play a large role (along with the other shade villians) in Maskotia: Revelations

Red Shift is constantly in motion, so getting a deffinite picture is extremly difficult.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

Physically, Red Shift resembles a stream of rapidly-moving particles of black substance that constantly appear to vanish into thin air before reappearing on the other side to resemble an endless looping stream. It's entire physical "body" constantly shifts and distorts light and air around it, making it always look blurry and impossible to focus on or render solid to the naked eye. The only things that can be made out of it's actuall form are 2 holes that open horizontally on what would be described as the beast's front, which somewhat resemble an eye when both open. It also has 4-6 pincer-like appendages that move like a shrimp to constaly scuttle through the air. When at a distance, Red Shift slowly increases/decreases the light and size of it's comprehandable form while it rapidly moves foward, creating the illusion to its victim that it isn't moving at all, only for the victim to suddenly be sent flying back and burned by the entity's intense heat from withing.

The Nauo Crystal part of the Red Shift is broken into thousands of tiny peices, so it looks like glowing red particles of sand. A small, solid peice of Nauo exists inside it's core as well.

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