Reakrome is a mascot dinorauria is secretly developing, he is a silver rathalos, the first mascot from the monster hunter universe! Reakrome is a suspicious character indeed, shrouded in eternal mystery and rumors.

Nobody has seen him and ever survived. But there have been sightings of what might be him, mostly over the Spond, Okongo, Hoatzin, and Minn reigons. There many herbivores from the monster hunter world rome, such as kelbi, aptonoths, rhenoplhos, and popo.

Rumors, and legends of the silver reaper.Edit


Reakrome As made in spore (unreleased)

  • One legend tells of a hunter whom is black as the night itself, and how it's his destiny to find the silver reaper and chop off its head.
  • Rumor is that Reakrome is actually Lektys (the mascot) and plans to kill Guy and take his fortune.
  • Many call reakrome the silver reaper, mostly because death and destruction follows him.
  • Some say he was the original Mascotian, and has seen many regions come and go.


  • Guy (As a target)
  • Raval (In legend)
  • Spot (Only in a sighting, many say Spot was lying possibly.)
  • Relucas (Only when reakrome entered Relucas' cave. Relucas was chased WAAAY far off.)


  • Reakrome is a silver rathalos, a subspecies of rathalos.
  • Reakrome is actually a fusion of the words, krome, and reaper.