Jibrig's third mascot.

Raval the raven







First Appearance:



Nobody knows


Flying, Reading, Fighting, Play the Organ


None, he is solitary


Reakrome, Sedger, Dark Shadows


Raval was found on planet Arrugan (pronounced Ah-Rew-Gun) by a normal Arun family. As raven was a modified raven coming originaly from Earth, the Aruns didn't treat him like they would treat other people. Raval was not the only raven though... Another raven lost on some rocks became best friends with Raval and Ravl quickly gave it a name... Talos. Raval's only happiness was his "brother/sister" Talos, he hated his family even more than they hated him. His adoptive parents were the only ones who told their 5 sons to treat Raval as equaly as them, but of course they wouldn't listen. At the age of ten, Raval found a broken sword that was apparently cursed as legends said. But Raval didn't think that for a second, repaired the sword and carried it around with him. At the age of 15, Raval's relations with others were worst than before... So he did what he had to do... After all these years of beating up, mistreated, abused, bullied, injured, and misery, Raval decided to recreate an event that happened about 200 years ago on Arrugan... An event called "The Storm of The Century" he unleashed the curse on his sword and killed his brothers, his family, and everybody he knew on Arrugan, but also destroying the planet with storms and earthquakes... The fall of Arrugan had happened, and Raval disappeared from Arrugan and was later retreaved on Mascotia by its inhabitants. His location on Mascotia still remains unknown, but he flies around Mascotia and is seen by some people.


Raval the raven/crow in his halloween costume

Relations with othersEdit


How he currently looks on spore

Neutral to


Assigned ElementsEdit

  • Darkness
  • Wind
  • Blight


Silent Hill 3 - Unreleased - Kill God02:24

Silent Hill 3 - Unreleased - Kill God

Raval's Theme

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