Pantheon landscape, featuring massive sandy mountains and dunes, as well as ancient monoliths.


A 3D rendering of some of Pantheon's monoliths.

Pantheon is a ruined desert planet that resides near the core of the universe. The races of pantheon are all robots and cyborgs, and planet itself is run by massive AI-controlled factories that "evolved" the ability to move on their own, and drill through the gorund and burrow deep into mountains, with buildings that "sprout" to the surface. These AI factories scan the depths of the planet for any signs of cave-dwelling planet life, which they can use to create a new breed up planet that can be used to re-populate the planet's dry surface. Pantheon is not all dry however, in the vast deserts like certain areas where oasises can be found, and there is also 3 small oceans on its surface. There are also massive bodies of water in hollow pockets beneath the top crust layer, which are fillied with odd life-forms. After being forced to leave Earth in the events of The Newcomer, Arix 'Holtan leads the last of his kind to the deserted world, where they all now reside. Using Audica Units, they have been able to dig deep within the planet, and have found ruins of a mysterious race that once dwelled on the planet before their arrival.

Geological featuresEdit

Much of Pantheon's surface is desert, or barren rocky plains of sandstone and gravel. However, much of the desert areas are populated by mechanical and steampunk megacities inhabited by robots. There are certain areas where there are tidal waves and geyers composed of sand. This is because of the motion of the AI factories deep beneath the surface act as a secondary set of techtonic plates, causing sand and gravel to fly up in between the motions of the factories. Occasionally, the factories will generate buildings, which will "sprout" through the sand and begin creating robots to colonize the area. Some areas of Pantheon get so hot that it is dangerous from the cybernetic lifeforms to get near ground, as they will begin to crack, smoulder, and in some cases, even melt.

At the very top of the north pole, there is a massive mountain, nearly 2.5x that of Mt. Everest that has a raging waterfall and river spewing from the top. This river leads into a cave at the bottom of the mountain's base, which then feeds into an underground ocean. All large bodies of water of both fresh and salt varieties on Patheon are located under the surface. They are easy to access thanks to the shafts built all over the planet by the Robot inhabitants.

Because of the water eroding the land beneath, it is speculated by some that in a few eons, most of the desert surface will cave in and the planet will become an predominately-ocean planet. This, however, is only speculation.


A closer veiw at the Monoliths.

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