Mascot picnic

Some old Dynasty mascots at a picnic.

The Old Dynasty is a time of the Mascotian "Community" that lasted until a few years ago, although some users still create in the same style. It was ushered in when Pettamapossum first created the Mascot Community.

Distinction from the "New Dynasty"Edit

The Old Dynasty is considerably lighter than the New Dynasty. The Old Dynasty is often compared to cartoons, often older ones such as Tom and Jerry. While love is present, it isn't as serious as it is in the New Dynasty and usually just chronicles the male's feeble attempts to woo the female.

Mascots in the Old Dynasty don't usually have defined powers. In fact, some don't even have the ability to attack.

While there are some dramatic moments in the Old Dynasty, it mostly consists of jokes and lighthearted adventures. In terms of the creators, the "community" was smaller then and flame wars were rare and far apart.

Mascots of the Old DynastyEdit

These Mascots were present in the Old Dynasty.

Remnant MascotsEdit

Remnant Mascots are mascots that still follow the Old Dynasty's style, sometimes with some qualities from the New Dynasty. They usually retain the humor and more child-friendly relationships of the Old Dynasty, with action-elements from the New Dynasty.

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