Mrroflz is the spore user that created Skellers and the skelons.


Mrroflz started out playing spore as the user istar10. After the computer that had that account overheated, he got a new, more powerful computer and created the account he uses today.

Mascotmaking BeginningEdit

Mrroflz first learned about mascotmaking when he stumbled upon a creation of brittbritt2000. Being very courious, he subcribed her, shortly after that, he created his first mascot, Skellers


Today, mrroflz has a variety of mascots, a fair ammount of subcribers, and an adventure series in the works.


  • Mrroflz has considered making mascotia anamations.
  • The person who made this page IS mrroflz himself!
  • Mrroflz knows some coding.
  • Once mrroflz tried to create Cave Story mascots. He failed.
  • There is only 2 personal facts known to the mascotmaking commuity, He is male and he lives in Californina.

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