Morgan (4)

A picture of captconan's mascot, Morgan.

Morgan is a Morganian from Morgania, part of the empire the "Morgolian Union." (or M.U.)
Morgan (4)






Evil Morgan, Death Stalkers


4 ft.


63 lb.


"They say I spend too much time in my lab... They're right...."

Home Planet:




Full name:

Morgan Paladus Talamon


Logan (Brother) Other relatives unknown

He is quite smart, always working in his lab, designing new creations... He uses one of his greatest inventions, the Transformatron, to allow him to Shapeshift between
Hand Held Transformatron

A Transformatron, designed by Morgan the Morgolian.

programmed forms. He lives in a cavern below one of the islands in the middle of the largest ocean on Morgania, where he also mines Morganium, a material that when properly processed can alter the genetic structure of creatures. Transformatrons are made mainly out of Morganium.

There is also Morgan's evil "twin," as it were. Evil Morgan is actually... well... litterally, he's a malfunction of the Transformatron. Morgan was changing back into his after using the Transformatron, when something happened. The Transformatron was damaged, and it created a duplicate of Morgan. An Evil one at that. This Morgan was bent on revenge on his "twin," the original Morgan. "There can only be one morgan...." to quote their final battle, where Evil morgan was absorbed back into the transfor
Evil Morgan (3)

Morgan's evil "Twin," as it were.

matron, and Morgan died... Or did he? Eh, he kind of did. He died, and then lived... I guess... On his funeral, when they were reading his will, they noticed something. There was nothing there. They used the Transformatron to revive him, and he explained how he keeps a "backup self" in his Transformatron to revive him whenever he dies. Odd, eh?

The Morgolian Union is currently in a foolish, costly, war. The soldiers, led by their leader, Admiral Johnson, fight against a sc
Death Stalker (2)

The Death Stalkers, dreaded enemies of the Morgolians.

ourge to the galaxy. The Death Stalkers.
Admiral Johnson (2)

Admiral Johnson, proud leader of the Morgolian Military.

This war streaches across a whole arm of the galaxy, where many planter of other species are occupied and tortured by the Death Stalkers... The Morgolians fight the Death Stalkers to "Keep the peace" and "mantain order," However, like many wars, both sides defend themselves that way...

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