Medrano is Jibrig's 5th official and probably final mascot. I wanted to create him for couple of weeks but I was always stuck trying to find a good design for him. Thanks Possum for the name.

Clown Triggerfish



Eye Color:





Clown Triggerfish

First Appearance:



Gilbert, Spot, Fuze, Red Lantern, Flipps, Tether, Jellpo, Kaptain K, Spubby, Naudi, Freckles, and many more...


Tortanosaur, Cheesepuff, Pippy


Puns, jokes, partying, joke again

Famous Quote:

"Hahahahaha what a story Mark!"




Nobody knows where he came from. He was first seen by a blue electric eel trying to do the electric hand-shake prank, which pretty much backfired on him but made them both laugh. He's never seen sad or frowning. He jokes and pulls pranks on litterally EVERYONE. He seems to have a great relation with Gilbert who is also a big prankster. Medrano has a magnificent and colorful skin, which attracts the ladies a lot. He lives in the Prismia Region. No one knows his story because he rarely has any normal discussions with other Mascots.

Relations with othersEdit

Gilbert ~He spends most of his time with him, planning pranks to do on other mascots.

Spot ~They're okay friends, they don't talk to each other very often though.

Red Lantern ~They have good laughs but Red Lantern can't really see him due to his bad view.

Cheesepuff ~Medrano isn't appreciated by him, they avoid each other.

Tortanosaur ~He almost got killed by him.

Anger ~Joking with him wasn't a very good idea.

Spubby ~Even though he doesn't get what he's saying, he usually laughs at his jokes.

Jellpo ~They don't really know each other but bump into each other sometimes.

Flipps ~They are good friends.

Relucas ~He's always high when they see each other, he doesn't really like the fact that he laughs at the ground and not his jokes.

Shane ~He gives him ideas for his future and tells him to be a little more like him if he wants to have friends.


  • He is my fifth official mascot, the others being Guy, Caffiene, Raval, and Shane.
  • I created him because Clown Triggerfish were my favorite type of fish since I was little.
  • He somehow manages to be in different regions in just a couple of minutes.


How he currently looks on spore.


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