Jibrig's first and main mascot.

Guy in his almightyness drawn by Nolan Parks/pettamapossum colored by Jibrig





Eye Color:

White, black


Pacman Frog

First Appearance

2010 (IRL) 2011 (Spore)


Tadpole, socks, food, Blackdevil, Plakie


Caffiene, Meltys, inedible things, Sedger


Eating, Sleeping, Do nothing

Famous Quote:

"I ate a chromosome, will that make me fatter?"




Species - Pacman Frog

Gender - Male

Home -

Guy is grumpy, fat, lazy, and stupid pacman frog like pretty much any other one. He doesn't have many friends.. Probably because he tries to eat anyone and anything. Walking one step for him is too tiring, walking a mile would be an eternal hell. Despite his size, he is one of the most heaviest mascots on Mascotia.


To be redone.

Relations with othersEdit

  • Caffiene "I should've eaten her when I had the chance"
  • Fuze "A little too spicy if you ask me"
  • Drunk Lobster "He once threw up on me, he almost never returned home"
  • Spot "That giant earthworm always runs from me... Wonder why..."
  • Loffica "BURP! Who?"
  • Sherm "I heard he never took showers, I had to learn that the hard way"
  • Red Lantern "Red Noodle"
  • Sedger "I would classify him as inedible if I even knew what classify means"
  • Bigbear "Grilled bears are one of my favorite meals right after grilled tadpoles"
  • Braggo "Salt usually makes him taste better"
  • Kishiru "I never knew there were living grapes on Mascotia"
  • Ploxl "He's dating a grape for some reason... Weirdo..."
  • Bruce "He had a weight and I saw a rabbit, so I ate a sandwich"


  • He tried to bite anything in real life.
  • For some reasons, he never ate what was dead, so I always had to feed him living stuff, the crickets were a pain to take care of.
  • Guy was based off my pet like Caffiene.
  • He plays the role of one of the main protagonists in Estuaria's Veil.
  • He will eat anything, even dirt.
  • Guy doesn't have any organs, it seems impossible for many mascotians, he only has a black hole as a stomach, ravaging everything that comes into his mouth.
  • Guy's brain is located in his butt... Wat"

Randomicity Fruit EffectEdit

When eating a randomicity fruit, powerful bread particles go around his body and he becomes Breadman, the defender of bread!




He is now very visible. How he looked in real life.

Dofus music ~ La forêt de Pandala

Dofus music ~ La forêt de Pandala

Guy's Theme