Gobi was created by Spore player Apollo9898


Gobi was a normal Moon Imp under the employ of Darkos. But there was something different about
Mascotia pic 2

Gobi, the Moon Imp.

Gobi. Ulike other Moon Imps, which served their master Darkos willingly, Gobi didn't want to be evil. So when the chance came he helped Blaze get back on the throne. Darkos was banished to the dark rift and was never seen again. (At least not yet) Gobi and Blaze have been great friends ever since!


He has quite a few.

He can control darkness.

He can control ice.

He can shoot small wirl winds out of his hands.

He can fly. (He gotz wings an' all)

Randomocity EffectsEdit

When Gobi eats a Randomocity fruit it can have two effects.

Gobi Death ModeEdit

1: It triggers his "Gobi Death Mode." If this happens...RUN!!!! He's immortal like this and he'll kill anyone that gets in his way.

Mascotia pic 6

Gobi in his Death mode.

Gobi, Guardian of the Light.Edit

2: He'll become the "Guardian of the Light" In this form he will eminate bright, blue light that will destroy any evil
Mascotia pic 7

Gobi, Guardian of the Light.

inside a person. As well as heal wounds, sickness, and depression. Anyone who is truly evil, and can no longer be turned good, will burn up in the blue light.

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