Globus Hernandez







Height and Weight

3 feet tall, 20 pounds


Hugz, Adder



Birthplace and Current Home

Born and raised in Spond

Globus is a mutant Xenobender. He was originally supposed to be a clone of Cheesepuff, but Hugz left a soda can in the cloning machine, and Globus fused with the soda. He is about 98% water, with only a thin layer of skin covering his body and his eyes. He's not the brightest, partially because Cheesepuff abandoned him after his creation, and he has serious emotional issues. Luckily, Hugz and his soda are always there for him.


  • Unlike Cheesepuff and Bender, Globus's tail always leans to his right.
  • Globus's right eye is not properly attached, and sometimes falls off or drifts to other parts of his body.
  • Globus is actually very, very strong. He could theoretically rip a tree from the ground, but he's in such a deep depression that's the last of his worries.
  • Globus is full of lethal levels of caffeine.
  • Globus doesn't talk, he just mumbles or cries. However, we can assume he has a very deep voice from his mumbling and crying.
  • Globus Wants to commit suicide, but that's very difficult when its impossible to be killed by drowning, suffocation, or being cut.
  • Hookworm Legend tells of the blob that will come- presumably an amphibian, as that's all their legends ever talk about.
  • Globus knows how to play the Holophone.

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