A skeletal and mighty dragon lich set to appear in Lord of the Fellowship of the Order of the Souls. Combining brawn, brains, and magical ability, he is truly a force to be reckoned with.


Once the main evil menace in town in his old realm, when a High King of Demons moved in and made war apo the mortal plain of the realm he found himself ousted as chief bad guy. He took this in stride, joining in the demon's company, moving up the ranks to his right hand. He personally tortured the warrior from the land of light known as Javik into a state of insanity, one he has not fully recovered from. When Javik and his comrades Oscar and Goreyu where cast into the dimensional void during an attempt to assasinate the High Demon King, Gilgandroth decided to note their destination, for they could be worthy pawns in ursupping the demon's position. After a great failure, the High Demon cast Gilgandroth into the void himself as punishment, saying that he wasn't worth the effort to destroy. Gilgandroth then made his way to Mascotia, and covertly entered, bringing with him the Phylanctory that holds his soul. He then set to work raising a small force of fell creatures and undead beings, and plotting to conquer the realm of Mascotia, so that he ould return and destroy the Demon King. He decided the best place to start would be with Caslte Bigbear, for it's tactical use, abundant resources, and other many benifits. Using his sorcery and some help from 2 strange technological beings he created a magic control spell that would allow him to corrupt the BAIR guards of Castle BB. He then set the trap for the 3 adventurers of his old realm, and initiated the events of Lord of the Fellowship of the Order of the Souls. More to come.


  • He is kind of like a cross between Ridley, Starscream, and Sauron.
  • He is very, very old. At the end of his natural lifespan of a dragon, he became a Lich to extend his lifespan to an infinite degree. If he proves to be likeable enough, I may expand his story further, and go into his history of evil and destruction.
  • Darqwhyte was an early name for him. Gilgandroth sounds waaaaaay better, but still may be subject to change.

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