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The Gigatron using it's Giga Cannon.

The Gigatron was a machine created by a Mirror IB to help Mirror Matul kill Sedger and Matul. It is about as large as the Empire State Building, and is made of Gigatanium. Gigatanium is a 99% impenetrable metal. The Gigatron is very deadly, and should be avoided at all costs. It was later trashed by Matul in his Demonic Star form.


1st FormEdit

In it's original form, the Gigatron is bipedal. It isn't as dangerous as the rest of the forms. It can fire it's arm cannon, smash stuff with his claw. He can also grab something, and eat that thing. THe thing that was eaten will then fall towards rotating blades, which will kill that person. It was done with Sedger, but Sedger survived.

2nd FormEdit

The Gigatron(2nd Form)

The Gigatron's second form.

In it's second form, it's head and legs are ejected off of, and the gem on it moves to replace the head and robot legs come out of the underside of the mech. It also then can create a forcefield.

3rd FormEdit

The Gigatron(3rd Form)

The Gigatron's third form.

This is its most dangerous form. The spider legs are ejected off, it gains two more arms, and the eye comes out a a stalk. It also gains a jet on it to hover, and all the blue on it turns red. This is it's most dangerous form, so it's best if you avoid it in this form.

Main Power CoreEdit

The Main Power Core is, well, the thing that powers and controls the mech. When nobody is piloting it, it automatically activates it's AI function does what its pilot(or as called "master") was doing

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The Main Power Core.

with it. It also has speech machine, which looks a dangerous mouth with big metal teeth on it. It also has two weapons on the side of it, which can shoot electricity at you, and knock you out. The gem/eye on the chest of the robot is apparently connected to the Main Power Core. If you destroy the Main Power Core, you trash the Gigatron.

Other VersionsEdit

Gigatron Mark IIEdit

The Gigatron Mark II

The Gigatron Mark II

The Gigatron Mark II is the second version of the Gigatron, recreated by Voshao. It now has twelve layers of Gigatanium, and two missile launchers on the side of it, which shoot Atomic Missiles. In it's first form, it has green replace the blue on it. Nothing else is known about its second and third forms. It was later reactivated by D3bn, to help recapture the hybrids Xaon and Xecli for Chimera Labs. It was later sucked into a blackhole, to D3bn's shock.

Gigatron Mark IIIEdit

Coming soon! Shacho 23:13, February 12, 2012 (UTC)Shacho

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