The term "Gift-scot" (or simply "giftscot") refers to any mascot that was created from a gift. Many gifts have been given in th Mascot Community, thus resulting in the creation of many giftscots.

Origin of the termEdit

The term was orignally created when user ShadowRaptor101 sent out a package containing an axolotl egg to eveyone in the Mascot Community. After people began raising their own baby axolotl, they began refering to them as "giftscots"

The largest amount of giftscots created by the the same user is located on the corner of the community where Wulfeh resides. This is because Wulfeh's adoration for Xenogaros led to a burst of new Xenogaro giftscots.


  • The word Giftscot is (obviously) a blend of the words "gift" and "mascot".

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