Genral Tiron

General Tiron is the general of Spiko's Rebel army.


Not much is really known about his past history, except for his first battle as a general. During the battle, he lost one of his eyes because of Sub-Zero, which was replaced by a robotic one. He then was given a lightsaber to help him in battles. General Tiron later battled in Operation: Base Raid, and was forced to kill Spiko.

In Mascotia Armageddon dimensionEdit

Main Article: Mascotia Armageddon

He has nearly the same history, except that he lost his eye during Operation: Base Raid by a Skull Trooper, not because of Sub-Zero during his first battle as a general. He then joined IB's MLA corp, and recruited a bunch of Rebels for the corp. In his latest appearance, General Tiron watched a bomb seemingly kill IB, and commanded everyone to retreat into IB's house. He was then seemingly killed by another mech, like how IB was seemingly killed.


  • General Tiron was accidentally called General Tikon once.
  • General Tiron was seemingly Spiko's best friend when Spiko was leader of the Rebels, before he went bad.

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