Properties== Elithium is a rare substance with the symbol Ei and atomic number 104. Is usually exists as a negatively charged ion and often as an isotope. This metal only exists in one place on the plane of Mascotia, the mine of Elithia, which only Fuze has access to. This because A) Fuze owns the mine and B) Fuze is the only mascot who can stand the radiation and control the unstability of the element. It has a half life of 1.8 billion years, and once taken, has a huge array of uses. It can obviously be used to power nuclear power stations/reactors when an isotope, and when found as a stable element, is diamond hard. It can be used for tools, to conduct heat/electricity, and for weapons or armor. It is a dark, shiny blue-silver-purple colour, and so is sometimes used in jewellery.

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