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Eclipse with his eyes open! X3

Eclipse is an orphaned newborn Eclipse Demon.


He was found by Grayl and Raniros, who decided to adopt him. His parents were both killed by the E.D.E.T.(Eclipse Demon Extermination Team), though his mom managed to get him to safety before she was killed. The Ibian scientist Dr. Ictan Nior captured Eclipse and put him in a cryo-sleep chamber in his ship. It later got ejected from the ship, and crashed on Mascotia. The impact killed Eclipse, upsetting Grayl. Shortly after that, Eclipse was reincarnated as a new newborn son of Reen, who was named Eclipse by Grayl in Eclipse's honor, not knowing this new kit was a reincarnation of the original Eclipse.


  • For some reason, whenever Eclipse is near Sedger, he keeps calling out "Sedga" and usually crawls towards him and tugs at his low-hanging clothes.
  • If he is picked up, his pelt turns a lighter color, and Sedger gets visions of a female Eclipse Demon being cured by a Dronoax who looks like Sedger.

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