Dougal (Drawn by Jibrig)


500? Presumed.




800 lbs


Underground Mascotia

Currently living

Spond Region

First Appearance


Famous Quote

"You may of out smarted me young one, but you can't out smart the almighty potato!"

Dougal (Doo-gal) is the 2nd official character of Shocktoad. Dougal is one of Sherm's bestest friends, he is a monster of an unknown particular species. He may seem scary and dangerous, but all he wants is friendship.

Dougal is very kind and friendly, and will go into a 12 hour conversation about potatoes if you mention potatoes, and he even considers himself a potatoe.

Dougal is going to be one of the main characters in Sherm's Warped Journey.

Dougal's StoryEdit

Dougal was an underground monster that was roaming Mascotia, he was looking for food to survive, thrive, and live. Though, one day, while he was drilling underground, his head smacked into a boulder, he moaned in pain, which could be heard from above ground. When Mascotians heard this, they were scared and ran around in circles. Eventually, they saw moving rolls of dirt in the ground, who was obviously Dougal. He burst out of the ground, which made the Mascotians run away from sight. Sherm, who was the closest to him, looked in fear as this beast was straight up in the breezy air. He heard it moan very loudly, and then it collapsed onto the ground, crying in pain. Sherm, who was still fearful towards the monster, realized that this beast was injured when he saw a red mark on it's forehead. Sherm went and aided it with bandages and medicine, the monster was happy, smiled, and danced with joy. Sherm was scared, for he thought it would maul him, but this beast came up to Sherm and introduced himself.

Dougal and Sherm eventually became very good friends. Dougal mostly sleeps during the day and at night.

Potatoes are Dougal's most prized food, for potatoes grow underground, if you mention the single word "potato", he will dig underground, and scary enough, he will talk to you for a minimum of 12 hours of obnoxious talk about...potatoes, so, it is recommended you don't mention that around him.


  • Dougal was originally going to be a small creature, until Shocktoad made him into a monster looking thing
  • He has a strange fear of ducks
  • Dougal's voice is kind of like Arnold Schwarzenegger's mixed with a southern stereotype American voice, confusing? Yep, it is.



Dougal as a young chap, by young, like 490 years ago.

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