A nifty little disembodied floating cat head that can only be seen by Relucas, when he's high. Yeah...

The Disembodied Floating Cat Head, or D.F.H. for short. He's (mostly) a figment of Relucas' imagination, specifically when he's high as a freakin' kite. The D.F.H. serves an amusing purpose in Relucas' Story. He serves as his primary weapon, as well as a guide and half of the comedic relief (for those dull moments where Relucas fails to entertain the player, unlikely as that may be...)

The D.F.H. also serves as the second-to-final Boss in Relucas' game.

Lastly, the D.F.H. (when he relocates his body), will appear as an elongated cat with short arms and legs, as well as a eel-like tail. Not much else has been determined at this time.

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