Devil eating stove

The eclipse-devil-eating-unlikely-savior-of-kishirus-curse-stove! (wat?!)

The Devil Stove (also known as the Demon Stove, Devil Oven, Demon Oven, Evil Stove or the Sun-Hot-Cooker) is a stove that resides in Mascotia. It is one of the rare objects that can cook an Eclipse Demon's tainted flesh.


The Devil Stove is known as so because it's extremely hot, topping at 97,821 °C. Demon Stove comes from the same fact, but it may also be derived from the fact that it can cook Eclipse Demon meat. Evil Stove and Sun-Hot-Cooker are rarely used and their exact reason of naming is not quite known, although it is likely Evil Stove is inspired by the common name, Devil Stove. Sun-Hot-Cooker probably comes from the fact that it is hotter than the star, Sol.


Little is known of the Devil Stove's history. Some say a Demon turned into the Devil Stove when fed a pastry, although considered plausible by most scientists, it is usually considered unlikely. The most widely accepted theory that it was created by the same species that created Templight. Yet another theory is that it was created by the AI factories of Pantheon, but how it ever came to be we will probably never know.


Despite it's notorious name and reputation, the Devil Oven simply seems to be a sentient appliance that appears when the time is convienient. Some claim that because of the many Eclipse Demons that have been cooked inside it, it will run on a rampage during an eclipse, devouring any unfortunate passerbys, cooking them into chocolate eclairs.

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