Calin the Hedgehog







First Appearance:

2011 (old), 2012 (new)






Explore, Smell around, Run



Jibrig's 6th mascot in the process of being remade.


  • This is a true story up to when he arrives in Mascotia

Calin was a normal hedgehog. Walked during the night, sleeped during the day, and explored the forest that was around him. But one day he got sick. Confused, he woke up during the day, and starting walking in the shiny prairies neighbouring his home. Too weak, he stopped next to a tree, and couldn't move any more. Time passed slowly, and some flies eventually found him a perfect place to lay their eggs. Right before he was about to die, a family found him and decided to take him with them to heal him. He was washed, the eggs were removed, and was taken to a vet where he was well taken care of. The next day, the vet gave back the hedgehog to the family, and said he had to be kept with them for at least a week before releasing him in the wild again. He was put in a cozy box with bedding, water, and food, and was given the name "Calin" (which means hug in french) for when he was picked up, he would go into a ball position and hug himself. One week passed, it was time for him to be released. When the sun came down that day, Calin was put back in the forest where he once lived, but something was different. His home was filled with terrifying masks looking at him. He decided to touch one of them, and he entered a portal leading to the unknown. Upon waking up, Calin found himself in a nice looking forest. The place seemed to be called "Sparklebrook" and he made a nice nest for himself to sleep. He later made some friends who also seemed to inhabit this nice land.


  • Calin is actually real like Guy and Caffiene.
  • The picture in the infobox was taken when we got him back from the vet.
  • He sadly, recently passed away :C.

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