Bender Hernandez
Art By Flish.


early 30's





Height and Weight

3 feet tall, 30 pounds


Budgey, Dibble, Ropen, Pippy (somewhat)



Birthplace and Current Home

Born in Sparklebrook, currently lives in Pelagia

Bender Hernandez, known as Ben to many of his friends, is a Ozark Hellbender who lives in Pelagia. His life has been tough, often involving copious amounts of crayfish that must be eaten on normal days. He does go on the occasional adventure, not normally that life threatening. Just the usual evil creatures wanting to kill you sort of thing. Bender was born in a clutch of about Ten Thousand eggs, only four of which survived to hatch. Bender was the oldest, followed by his sister -insert name I forgot here-, his brother -insert other name here-, and his youngest brother, Vasco Hernandez. For the first few weeks, life was easy. No labor-intensive breathing via lungs or anything. However, just as they began to loose their gills, a horde of Herons attacked, and only Bender and his brother survived. Only shortly after that, Vasco was kidnapped by humans. Bender's life was relatively uneventful. Vasco eventually did come back, who often invited Bender over for dinner. However, on one night several years ago, Bender was awoken to find a young infant Xenogaro on his doorstep, his long lost brother- Ijax! Bender raised him as his own.



Bar BuddiesEdit

Other FriendsEdit


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