Audica Units are small monopedal, can-shaped robots that were manufactered on the planet Pantheon. They were used as sonar-detectors and also to blast holes in mines without the use of explosives.


Audica units were the smallest type of robots that dwelled on Pantheon. They, just like the other robots on the planets, were create by the supermassive AI factories that run the planet. However, after a war broke out between the robots, many of the factories shut down Audica Unit production lines in preparation for making battle drones. Because of this, many of the Audica Units that still exist today are defective or incomplete.


  • The color of an Audica Unit's optical lenses represent how old it is. The age cylce goes from white, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, and finally red.
  • Audica Units are resistant to water and heat damage, but only to a certain degree.

Notable Audica UnitsEdit

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