"I like to eat mice and shrews and capybara and tapirs and rats and mice and mice and rabbits and mice", ~Anaconda


Eunectes murinus


Roughly six years (19-22 in Green Anaconda years)



Friends and Allies:

Lil' Charlie, Anna, Dusty, Cottonmouth, virtually anybody else



First Appearance:


Anaconda is a Green Anaconda and one of Vulturewing's newer mascots. He is a friend and roommate of Cottonmouth.


Kind, caring, honest, dim-witted and constantly hungry. These words pretty much explain Anaconda. He has many friends, although his closest is his roomate Cottonmouth .


Anaconda was born on a Creature Testing Facility of the Lyrawk Home Planet to be a 'Guinea Pig' of the Carnai , a secret society operating there. The Carnai were testing a drug that would supposedly give the user random powers for a limited amount of time. However, the fruit that this drug was made out of was not well documented, and instead the Carnai explorers brought back a unrelated fruit infested with a parasite that feeds on brain tissue. A conction of the fruit and different spices was injected into Anaconda via a large syringe. When the results were found not to be what the Carnai wanted, the project was abandoned and the animals disposed by firing a small cargo ship into space. This cargo ship ended up going through a portal leading to Mascotia.


  • Even though his eyes are white in Spore, they are drawn yellow.
  • He plays the Accordion.


'Tag Me' info: What region is he from?Edit

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