Ak'i Colored

Notice How his crystal ball has a black aura


Ak'i is a Celestial Dragon, He can resemble a chinese dragon other than the elongated face. He uses his crystal ball as a carrier and a levitation device.


Ak'i was a genetically altered snake and was able to Slither around. one day he got out of his tank and touched a crystal ball paperweight on a scientist's desk. This paperweight transported him to mascotia, and when ge got there, he could speak. After staying a couple days huddled around the 10lb Crystal ball, He started to grow very long and large. Ak'i went from a 6inch long snake to a 5 foot long "Dragon" The ball, on the other hand Turned black with aura and started to shift colors. Ak'i utilized this to levitateand move around. now he roams regions and makes friends as a traveler ,abey even to join all kinds of adventures

Feelings towards others(in his mind) :

ploxl - "He's a cool kid, i'm glad to have met him"

Spot - "He may have an Ego the size of mascotia, but he'd probably, PROBABLY let me bunk."

Guy - "He'd Probably mae me int some dragon roll sushi!"

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